About us Konekta Summit

This is a cooperative undertaking and the result of a private initiative. It has been created by relevant stakeholders in the Basque innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem, namely the Business Angels Crecer + network (Orkestra- Basque Competitiveness Institute), BerriUp (accelerator of new business projects), Tecnalia Ventures, Elkargi, Culinary Action (Basque Culinary Center, EPSV Geroa and Adegi).


Its aim is to contribute from Gipuzkoa to the creation of greater dynamism and interconnection between private and public agents as a key to the generation of new business activity and, consequently, the improvement and strengthening of the Basque entrepreneurship ecosystem.


Its main purpose is to offer an unbeatable opportunity to startups that are facing the challenge of growing with a venture capital investor or industrial partner. Without forgetting the importance of the connection in terms of open innovation between the great asset of the Basque SMEs and the new technological innovation and development business models that these startups offer.



We have shared objectives

with the Donostia Tech Week

Companies grow through their capacity to create new ideas and to find partners and collaborators to convert them into reality i.e. new products and services. This is the engine of the future and is within reach of every company that invests in people.

For this reason, from our alliance with Donostia Tech Week, we wanted to promote greater dynamism and interconnection between key actors in the generation of new business activity and throughout the powerful production and ancillary industry in the Guipuzcoan and Basque territory.

Ultimately to promote new technological innovation and application models.

Project: Transporter
Speaker: Endika Nebreda

Logistics web platform and mobile application from which shipment data and routes with integrated collection points are managed.

Project: Blackbinder
Speaker: Carlos Piñuelo & Sergio Peñalver

Musical score reader application for Tablet which allows the musician to ignore the paper format and focus solely on their performance.

Project: Waixo
Speaker: Adolfo Muguerza

Marketplace for new designers and SMEs in the fashion sector that offers the sale of automated digital solutions to its customers.

Project: Eskesso
Speaker: Pedro Nuñez

Intelligent kitchen robot that enables you to easily vacuum cook at home as if you were a professional chef.

Project: Edemocrecity
Speaker: Miguel Ramos Fernández

Citizen participation and electronic voting platform which guarantees the voting process and anonymity with blockchain technology.

Project: Velites Sport
Speaker: Matias Hernandez

Design and online marketing of Premium fitness products for sports lovers who want to improve their health and physical performance.

we are testers
Project: We are testers
Speaker: Josu Rodrigo

Multichannel online solution that obtains information on consumers in record time for application in business decision making.

Project: SendaBio
Speaker: Julen Galarza

Laboratory specialising in innovative solutions for health based on the DHA fatty acid, essential for the development of the human body.

Project: Quarizmi Adtech
Speaker: Enrique Aguilera

It develops software based on artificial intelligence to improve online marketing campaigns.

Project: E-Health
Speaker: Eva García

E-Health has designed a system based on 3D technology for detecting and improving binocular dysfunction at an accessible price.

Black Binder, winners of the “La Caixa Social Work Prize” Best Investment Opportunity Pitch

The prize was awarded by the jury composed of:

  • Aitor Urzelai, Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, B.G.
  • Antton Tomasena, Director of Economic Promotion P.G.G.
  • Laura Espín, Project Director Bic Gipuzkoa.
  • Carlos Ruiz de Arcaute, Director of Corporate Banking, Caixabank.
  • Iñigo Kortabitarte, Director of Development and Innovation El Diario Vasco.
  • Paul Liceaga, Director of Sector Associations, Adegi.


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